Type design is a centuries-old discipline, but the resources to accelerate its study are often geographically distant, out of print, or simply scattered in tiny bits all over the internet. Sol Matas and Nicole Dotin started Practica to create a rigorous, supportive environment in which to study type design no matter where you are in the world, and regardless of whether your city is type-rich like Sol’s (hello, Berlin) or relatively type-poor like Nicole’s (sorry, Minneapolis). The choice to be online was deliberate: we want our corner of typographic expertise to be globally available and accessible to more people.

Nicole and Sol met while organizing Alphacrit, an online type critique Nicole launched on the Alphabettes platform. After organizing together for more than a year, the pair started dreaming up Practica as a means of realizing their shared goal of helping others gain access to the world of type design. Practica has been teaching students since 2020.

Sponsors and Donors

These generous organizations and individuals help make our mission at Practica possible.

In addition to donating trial licenses of their font editing software to students, Glyphs subsidized a portion of students’ tuition to support our sliding scale for the Winter 2021 and Fall 2021 editions.

Thierry Blancpain / Colin M. Ford / David Jonathan Ross / Eric Olson

These visiting instructors and guests were kind enough to donate their time and expertise to our students.

Site credits
Design and code: Nicole Dotin
Word craft: Caren Litherland and Doug Wilson
Typeface: Scandia by Eric Olson

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